Foreign Exchange Rates in Pakistan – 27 December 2023

On December 27, 2023, the foreign exchange landscape in Pakistan exhibited notable rates, impacting businesses and individuals engaged in international transactions. Let’s take a concise look at the key exchange rates on this date.

Currency Rates (27 December 2023)

Currency Buying Rate (Rs) Selling Rate (Rs)
US Dollar (USD) 282.7 285.2
Euro (EUR) 310 313
UK Pound Sterling (GBP) 310 313
U.A.E Dirham (AED) 77.8 78.5
Saudi Riyal (SAR) 75.7 76.7

Stability of the US Dollar

The US Dollar, a key player in the global market, remained stable with a buying rate of Rs 282.7 and a selling rate of Rs 285.2. This stability is crucial for businesses involved in international trade, providing a predictable benchmark for financial transactions.

Consistency in Euro and UK Pound Sterling

Parallel to the US Dollar, the Euro and UK Pound Sterling maintained consistency. Both currencies had a buying rate of Rs 310 and a selling rate of Rs 313. This synchronicity highlights the interconnectivity of major global currencies.

Regional Dynamics with U.A.E Dirham and Saudi Riyal

In the regional context, the U.A.E Dirham and Saudi Riyal played significant roles. The U.A.E Dirham had a buying rate of Rs 77.8 and a selling rate of Rs 78.5, while the Saudi Riyal featured a buying rate of Rs 75.7 and a selling rate of Rs 76.7. These rates underscore the influence of regional economic dynamics on Pakistan’s foreign exchange market.

Conclusion: Informed Decision-Making

In conclusion, understanding the foreign exchange rates on December 27, 2023, is vital for making informed decisions in international transactions. The stability of major currencies and the influence of regional dynamics contribute to the nuanced landscape of Pakistan’s foreign exchange market.

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