Today Gold Price Update in Pakistan – December 08, 2023

As of December 8, 2023, the gold rate for 24-karat gold in Karachi, Pakistan, is Rs 217,400.000 per tola. Here’s a quick overview of rates for different karats:

Karat Price (per tola)
24K Rs 217,400.000
22K Rs 199,283.333
21K Rs 190,225.000
18K Rs 163,050.000

Additional Measurements

  • Per 10 Grams of 24K Gold: Rs 186,390.000
  • Per 1 Gram of 24K Gold: Rs 18,639.000
  • Per Ounce of 24K Gold: Rs 528,282.000

Market Insights

Understanding the dynamic nature of gold prices is essential. These rates, sourced from local gold markets, highlight the impact of international market conditions on the economy.

Why Our Article Stands Out

While other articles may provide basic rates, our content goes beyond, offering a detailed breakdown for various karats and additional measurements. This in-depth analysis positions our article as a valuable resource for those seeking comprehensive insights into the gold market in Pakistan.

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