Gold Prices Soar in Pakistan on January 3 Aligned with Global Uptrend

Gold Type Price per Tola (Rs) Price per 10 grams (Rs)
24 Karat 221,300 189,730
22 Karat 201,530
21 Karat 192,370
18 Karat 164,890

On January 3, 2024, Pakistan experienced a surge in gold prices, mirroring the global trend. The price for a tola (11.66 grams) of 24 Karat gold reached Rs221,300, while 10 grams cost Rs189,730. Other karats followed suit: 22 Karat at Rs201,530, 21 Karat at Rs192,370 per tola, and 18 Karat at Rs164,890 per tola.

This upward movement is in sync with the international market, where gold reached $2,065 on the same day. The consistency in gold prices across major Pakistani cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad underlines the reliability of this surge.

Investors and consumers are eyeing these developments, recognizing the potential economic implications. Silver, too, experienced an uptick, standing at PKR 2,510 per tola across various cities.

In conclusion, this surge in gold prices in Pakistan, aligned with global trends, signifies a significant market shift. With prices uniform across cities and silver also on the rise, investors should stay informed for strategic decision-making

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