NADRA’s Smart National Identity Card Renewal Fees as of 2024

Pakistan’s introduction of the Smart National Identity Card (NIC) brings forth a seamless blend of modern technology and stringent regulations, ensuring foolproof authenticity. The 13-digit unique identification number on the new NIC holds nationwide recognition and is now a prerequisite for various official documents.

Renewal Process

Options Available:

  1. NADRA Registration Center (NRC): Physical renewal at NRCs involves presenting the existing Smart NIC, completing a renewal form, and providing necessary documents.
  2. Pak Identity Website: Online renewal is available for existing Smart NIC holders, offering a convenient and user-friendly alternative.

Renewal Fees (as of 2024):

Service Type Renewal Fee
Regular Rs 750
Urgent Rs 1,500
Executive Rs 2,500


The Smart NIC is available for all Pakistani citizens aged 18 and above. While the application process includes both physical and online options, the latter is exclusive to renewals.

Technological Advancements

The Smart NIC incorporates advanced features, setting new standards for secure identity verification. This not only expedites the renewal process but also enhances the overall security and authenticity of identity documents.

Impact on Official Document Processes

The widespread recognition of the Smart NIC streamlines various official processes. From obtaining licenses to registering for a National Tax Number (NTN), opening bank accounts, acquiring passports, and activating cellular connections, the Smart NIC simplifies and accelerates these processes.


In summary, Pakistan’s Smart National Identity Card Renewal initiative marks a significant leap in identity verification. With a focus on simplicity, citizens can opt for either physical or online renewal, ensuring accessibility. The transparent renewal fees and technological advancements contribute to a more efficient and secure renewal process.

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