NEPRA Approves Rs 2.87 per Unit Increase in Power Tariffs for Karachi

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has recently given the green light to K-electric’s proposal for a significant increase in power tariffs for Karachi. This decision, part of the quarterly fuel adjustment, marks the second hike within the January to March 2023 period.

Tariff Hike Details

Karachi’s power consumers are set to experience a notable increase in their electricity bills, with NEPRA approving a Rs 2.87 per unit rise. This translates to a Rs 4.12 additional burden on consumers due to quarterly fuel adjustments.

Breakdown of Costs

Adjustment Period Approved Increase (Rs per unit)
Third Quarterly Adjustment Charges 1.72
January to March 2023 1.25
October to December 2022 0.47

Government’s Response

In response to the caretaker government’s appeal, NEPRA sanctioned the tariff hike to maintain uniformity in electricity tariffs nationwide. The surge includes charges for the third quarterly adjustment from the preceding financial year, along with adjustments for the periods from January to March 2023 and October to December 2022.

What to Expect

With NEPRA’s decision forwarded to the federal government for official notification, Karachi consumers should anticipate the increase reflecting on their electricity bills from January to March 2024. This move emphasizes the regulatory commitment to address the evolving dynamics of the power sector.


In conclusion, the approval of a Rs 2.87 per unit increase in power tariffs for Karachi by NEPRA brings key changes for consumers in the region. The quarterly fuel adjustment aims to address the financial implications of the power supply dynamics, resulting in a Rs 4.12 additional burden on electricity bills.

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