Today Current Gold Price In Pakistan 11 December 2023 Updated

In the realm of financial landscapes, understanding the intricacies of gold rates is pivotal for investors seeking stability and profitability. As of Monday, December 11, 2023, the gold rate for 24-karat in Pakistan stands at a noteworthy PKR 216,300. This figure serves as the anchor for our exploration into the dynamics of gold pricing in the country.

The Core Numbers:

Delving into granular details, the bullion market reports a consistent price of Rs 185,450 per 10g for 24-karat gold. However, it’s crucial to note that these values are not uniform across different cities in Pakistan. The table below highlights the gold and silver rates in key cities:

City Gold Rate (PKR) Silver Rate (PKR)
Karachi 216,300 2,450
Lahore 216,300 2,450
Islamabad 216,300 2,450
Peshawar 216,300 2,450
Quetta 216,300 2,450
Sialkot 216,300 2,450
Hyderabad 216,300 2,450
Faisalabad 216,300 2,450

Understanding the Rates:

Breaking down the rates further, Per Tola Gold commands a price of PKR 216,300, Per 10Gram Gold is valued at PKR 185,450, and Per Gram Gold is quoted at PKR 18,545. It’s essential to recognize that these prices are subject to fluctuations based on the international market, emphasizing the dynamic nature of gold as an investment.

What Influences the Changes:

The unpredictability of gold rates in Pakistan is tied to various factors, including global economic conditions, geopolitical events, and the demand-supply dynamics of the precious metal. Investors are advised to stay abreast of these factors to make informed decisions.


In conclusion, deciphering gold rates in Pakistan involves navigating a landscape of fluctuating values and diverse influences. While the rates are consistent across major cities, the dynamic nature of the precious metal requires a vigilant and informed approach from investors.

For a more detailed analysis and real-time updates, it’s recommended to consult local gold markets and Sarafa Markets. These sources provide valuable insights, allowing investors to make well-informed decisions in the ever-evolving world of gold prices.

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