Today LPG Gas Price In Pakistan December 2023

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) plays a pivotal role in the daily lives of countless Pakistanis, serving as a primary fuel source for cooking, heating, and various industrial applications. As of December 6, 2023, the government has implemented a significant reduction in LPG prices, aiming to provide relief to consumers amidst economic challenges.

Latest LPG Rates in Pakistan

The current LPG rates stand as follows:

Cylinder Type Rate
LPG Rate Per Kg Rs. 240
LPG Rate 12 Kg Cylinder Rs. 2880
LPG Rate 45.4 Kg Cylinder Rs. 10,896

For consumers with diverse needs, the pricing structure accommodates various cylinder sizes, ranging from Rs. 3500 for a 5 Kg cylinder (suited for small home use) to Rs. 29,000 for a 55 Kg cylinder (ideal for car/vehicle use).

Factors Influencing LPG Prices

Understanding the intricate dynamics that shape LPG prices is crucial for consumers. Several key factors contribute to the fluctuation in LPG rates:

International Crude Oil Prices

LPG, a byproduct of crude oil refining, is intricately tied to global oil prices. Any fluctuations in international crude oil rates inevitably impact the pricing of LPG in Pakistan.

Exchange Rates

Given that Pakistan relies significantly on imports for its LPG supply, changes in currency values can exert considerable influence on LPG prices. Fluctuations in exchange rates are mirrored in the cost of LPG.

Transportation Costs

The journey of LPG from port to distribution centers involves transportation expenses, directly affecting the retail price. Higher transportation costs contribute to an increase in LPG prices.

Government Regulations and Taxes

Government policies, taxes, and duties play a pivotal role in determining LPG prices. Changes in regulations and tax structures can directly impact the cost of LPG for consumers.

Local Demand and Supply

The delicate balance between local demand and supply in the market can exert significant influence on LPG prices. Fluctuations in either parameter can lead to price variations.

Seasonal Demand

Winter, in particular, witnesses a surge in LPG demand for heating purposes. This increased demand during colder months can potentially lead to temporary spikes in LPG prices.

Weather Conditions

Unforeseen weather events, such as extreme conditions or natural disasters, can disrupt the transportation and supply chain, leading to fluctuations in LPG prices.

Leading LPG Suppliers in Pakistan

A critical aspect of the LPG landscape in Pakistan is the presence of reliable suppliers. Some of the top LPG suppliers in the country include:

  • PSO (Pakistan State Oil): A leading player in the energy sector, PSO is a trusted source for high-quality LPG.
  • Parco Pearl Gas: Renowned for its commitment to quality, Parco Pearl Gas is a significant contributor to the LPG market.
  • Pak Engineering and Automation: A key player offering innovative solutions, Pak Engineering and Automation is a prominent supplier of LPG.


In conclusion, staying informed about the factors influencing LPG prices and the key players in the market is essential for consumers navigating the dynamic energy landscape in Pakistan. The recent reduction in LPG prices to Rs. 240 per kilogram reflects the government’s commitment to providing economic relief. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on LPG prices, consumers are advised to stay connected with reputable suppliers and official channels.

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