Current Gold Prices in India (3rd Dec 2023) and Historical Trends

In the realm of investments and timeless adornments, gold stands tall as a symbol of stability and opulence. If you’re considering entering the world of gold, being well-informed about the latest market trends is paramount. As of December 3, 2023, let’s delve into the current gold rates in India to equip you with the insights necessary for informed decisions.

Current Gold Rates

Gold Type Rate for 10 grams (INR) Change
24 Carat Gold ₹62,712 ▼16 (0.03%)
22 Carat Gold ₹57,444 ▼14 (0.02%)

These rates, not mere numbers, mirror a dynamic market regularly updated to align with industry standards. For a comprehensive understanding, let’s explore the rates for 1 gram, 10 grams, and 100 grams of both 24 and 22 Carat gold.

Market Insights

The past 10 days’ gold prices reveal a market in constant flux, with the most recent change recorded on December 3. A deeper dive into historical data over the past month indicates a significant 2.68% increase in both 24 Carat and 22 Carat gold.

Regional Variations

Tailoring our insights to your region-specific decisions, we provide the current gold rates in major Indian cities. Whether you’re in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, or Mumbai, these rates offer valuable insights tailored to your geographic location.

Gold Rates Today: A Citywise Breakdown

City 22 Carat (10g) 24 Carat (10g)
Bengaluru ₹58,823 ₹64,217
Chennai ₹58,478 ₹63,841
Delhi ₹58,823 ₹64,217
Kolkata ₹58,708 ₹64,092
Mumbai ₹59,110 ₹64,531

Navigating the Gold Market

Understanding the gold market goes beyond knowing rates. External factors, such as geopolitical events, economic indicators, and global trends, significantly influence gold prices.

External Influences

  1. Geopolitical Events: Gold prices often react to global uncertainties, reflecting fluctuations based on geopolitical events.
  2. Economic Indicators: Indicators like inflation, interest rates, and economic stability play a pivotal role in shaping gold prices.
  3. Global Trends: Keep an eye on global trends for insights into future gold price movements.


In the dynamic world of gold, staying informed is not a luxury but a necessity. These insights aim to empower your decision-making whether you’re considering investments or purchasing gold jewelry.

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