Suzuki Mehran Price Update in Pakistan – December 2023

In the bustling streets of Karachi and Lahore, where modern sedans and SUVs dominate the roads, there exists a nostalgic charm embodied by the Suzuki Mehran. This 800cc car, though now discontinued, continues to weave through the fabric of Pakistani roads, leaving an indelible mark on the automotive landscape.

The Legacy of Suzuki Mehran

Introduced by Pakistan’s venerable automaker, Suzuki, Mehran quickly rose to prominence due to its fundamental features, sturdy design, and compact dimensions. It became the preferred choice for daily commutes and inter-city travel, earning a reputation for navigating the challenges of poor infrastructure and tight urban spaces with ease.

The affordability of Mehran, coupled with readily available parts, robust performance, and a commendable resale value, solidified its position in the hearts of Pakistani car enthusiasts over the decades.

Pricing Dynamics

In its nascent years during the ’90s, Suzuki Mehran was a budget-friendly option, priced at less than 1 lakh. However, as time progressed, the price tag surged, reaching Rs8.5 lacs before its discontinuation. In 2023, those intrigued by the Mehran legacy can explore models in the price range of Rs5-15 lacs, contingent upon the specific model and overall condition.

Fuel Efficiency – A Testament to Practicality

One of Mehran’s standout features is its commendable fuel efficiency. The car offers approximately 13-14 kilometers per liter within city limits and an impressive 16-18 kilometers per liter on highways. This fuel economy not only makes it an economical choice for daily commuters but also positions it as an environmentally conscious option in the automotive landscape.

A Palette of Choices

Suzuki Mehran, though modest in its offerings, presents buyers with a choice of four distinctive colors: Solid White, Pearl Red, Graphite Grey, and Silver. These colors not only add a touch of personalization but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the car.

Navigating the Market

For those contemplating a Suzuki Mehran purchase in the bustling cities of Lahore or Karachi, navigating the local markets and e-platforms is key. These avenues provide real-time pricing information, ensuring that potential buyers make informed decisions based on the latest market dynamics.

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