Gold Prices Surge in Pakistan on 27 December 2023

On December 27, 2023, Pakistan experienced a significant surge in gold prices, impacting both local and global markets. Let’s break down the key details in a concise format.

Local Impact: Price Movement

Gold Type Price Increase New Price
Per Tola (24K) Rs200 Rs219,600
10 Grams (24K) Rs258 Rs188,272

The local market witnessed a substantial increase in both per tola and 10-gram prices of 24-karat gold.

Global Perspective

Globally, the price of gold experienced a notable rise:

Gold Type Increase per Ounce New Price per Ounce
24-Karat Gold $11.76 $2,064

This surge reflects broader trends in the international precious metals market.

Uniformity Across Cities

One interesting observation is the uniformity in gold rates across major cities in Pakistan on December 27, 2023:

City Gold Price per Tola
Lahore PKR 219,600
Karachi PKR 219,600
Islamabad PKR 219,600
Peshawar PKR 219,600
Quetta PKR 219,600

This synchronized pricing suggests a consistent trend in the local precious metals market.

Silver Rates

In addition to gold, silver rates on the same date were reported at PKR 2,560, providing a comprehensive view of the precious metals landscape.

Key Insights

The surge in gold prices on December 27, 2023, holds significance for investors and market observers. Whether analyzing local impacts, global trends, or city-wise uniformity, these insights are crucial for informed decision-making in the dynamic precious metals market.

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