Unraveling the Currency Rates in Pakistan Today Update

Explore the latest currency rates in Pakistan today, covering US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, and more. Stay informed with real-time updates from the Forex Association of Pakistan. This comprehensive guide will provide insights, analysis, and a deep dive into the currency market.


In a world where financial dynamics are ever-evolving, keeping track of currency rates is paramount. Today, we delve into the current currency rates in Pakistan, offering a detailed analysis of the market trends and fluctuations.

The Current Scenario: Decoding Currency Rates in Pakistan

US Dollar Takes Center Stage

The US Dollar continues to play a pivotal role in the currency market. As of the latest update, the buying rate stands at 283.2 PKR, with a selling rate of 285.9 PKR.

Euro and British Pound: A Comparative Analysis

Exploring the Euro and British Pound dynamics reveals intriguing insights. The Euro commands a buying rate of 308 PKR and a selling rate of 311 PKR. Meanwhile, the British Pound sees a buying rate of 358.5 PKR and a selling rate of 362 PKR.

Gulf Currencies: Saudi Riyal and UAE Dirham

Saudi Riyal maintains a steady position with a buying rate of 76 PKR and a selling rate of 76.8 PKR. Simultaneously, the UAE Dirham sees a buying rate of 77.4 PKR and a selling rate of 78.1 PKR.

Navigating Global Currencies

Asian Giants: Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan

The Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan showcase diverse dynamics. With a buying rate of 1.39 PKR and a selling rate of 1.45 PKR, the Japanese Yen offers stability. On the other hand, the Chinese Yuan stands at 39.89 PKR (buying) and 40.29 PKR (selling).

European Powerhouses: Euro and Swiss Franc

A closer look at European currencies reveals interesting trends. The Euro stands at 308 PKR (buying) and 311 PKR (selling), while the Swiss Franc commands rates of 324.94 PKR (buying) and 327.44 PKR (selling).

Regional Players: Omani Riyal, Kuwaiti Dinar, and Bahrain Dinar

Omani Riyal

The Omani Riyal reflects stability, with a buying rate of 739.62 PKR and a selling rate of 747.62 PKR.

Kuwaiti Dinar

Kuwaiti Dinar exhibits robust figures, boasting a buying rate of 921.71 PKR and a selling rate of 930.71 PKR.

Bahrain Dinar

Bahrain Dinar showcases resilience, with a buying rate of 757.23 PKR and a selling rate of 765.23 PKR.

The Fa├žade of Asian Currencies

Malaysian Ringgit, Qatari Riyal, and Thai Bhat

Malaysian Ringgit, Qatari Riyal, and Thai Bhat reveal distinct market positions, each with its own buying and selling rates.

Exploring the FAQs

Are these currency rates accurate?

Absolutely. The rates are sourced directly from the Forex Association of Pakistan, ensuring real-time accuracy.

How often are these rates updated?

The rates are updated regularly, with the latest information reflecting market changes as of 07 Dec 2023, 04:11:05 PM.

Can I rely on these rates for international transactions?

Indeed. These rates are reliable for reference, especially when engaging in international transactions.

Is the buying rate different from the selling rate?

Yes, the buying rate is what the market offers when purchasing currency, while the selling rate is what the market pays when selling currency.

What factors influence currency rate fluctuations?

Currency rates are influenced by various factors, including economic indicators, geopolitical events, and market demand.

How can I use this information for financial planning?

Understanding currency rates aids in strategic financial planning, particularly for international trade, travel, and investment.


In this comprehensive exploration of currency rates in Pakistan, we’ve decoded the intricacies of major currencies, providing you with the knowledge needed to navigate the dynamic world of finance.

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