Ride Now, Pay Later: Honda CG 125 2024 Installment Plans with Zero Markup

Own the iconic Honda CG 125 2024 effortlessly with budget-friendly installment plans. Priced at Rs. 234,900, this sleek ride offers a perfect blend of style and performance.

Installment Options

Plan Type Duration Monthly Payment (Rs.)
Zero Markup Plans 3 months 78,300
6 months 43,722
Markup Plans 12 months 23,952
18 months 17,442
24 months 14,246
30 months 12,375
36 months 11,164

Bank Alfalah 0 Markup Plan

Enjoy the freedom of zero markup with Bank Alfalah’s monthly installment plan, ranging from Rs. 78,300 (3 months) to Rs. 10,888 (36 months). Affordable ownership, no hidden costs.

Why Honda CG 125 2024?

  • Price: Rs. 234,900 – Competitive pricing for superior quality.
  • Design: Sleek, enhanced design with improved suspension.
  • Efficiency: 45.0 KM/L fuel efficiency for a cost-effective journey.
  • Performance: Top speed of 100 KM/H for an exhilarating ride.
  • Construction: Robust diamond-type steel frame ensures durability.

Easy Ownership Process

  1. Research: Explore banks offering vehicle financing.
  2. Eligibility Check: Ensure you meet criteria like age, nationality, income, and employment.
  3. Application: Fill out an application with required documents.
  4. Approval: Await evaluation, receive payment schedule upon approval.
  5. Purchase: Bank pays the dealership, and you ride away with your Honda CG 125 2024.

Ride Into Freedom Today!

Experience the joy of riding without the financial burden. Honda CG 125 2024, where affordability meets excellence. Embrace the road, embrace the thrill!

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